Playground & Park Amenities

Playground and park amenities complement commercial playground equipment by enhancing the recreational opportunities of visitors. Swings and slides might be the main draw for kids, but including playground and park amenities helps ensure you cater to diverse interests and create enjoyable experiences for visitors of all ages. The selection of amenities depends on your target audience, size, location, and budget.

At Barrs Recreation, we are pleased to offer a range of top-quality playground and park amenities from BCI Burke and Leisure Craft. Our Traditional Series metal benches, tables, and litter containers include a thermoplastic coating that resists blistering, peeling, warping, and cracking, as well as facilitating the removal of any graffiti. Burke's Novo® Playful Furniture combines form and function to provide fun and creative site amenities that can be seamlessly integrated into play areas or used as part of an outdoor classroom. We also provide a variety of pressure-treated wood, recycled plastic, and customizable playground and park amenities.

Site Amenities:

  • Park Benches
  • Park Tables
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Garbage Cans
  • Bike Racks

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