Shelters & Shade for Playgrounds

Shelters and shade structures are important additions to playgrounds for several reasons, as they enhance the overall safety, comfort, and usability of the play environment. The heat of the summer sun in North Carolina and South Carolina can spoil your experience in even the best outdoor recreation environment. Shelters and shade for playgrounds offer protection from harmful ultraviolet rays, reducing the risk of sunburn and skin damage. They keep playground equipment and surfaces cooler and provide a space for children to rest and recharge. They aren’t just designed to protect against harmful UV rays and heat; shelters also offer protection from rain, making your playground a fun spot even when showers are in the forecast.

Barrs Recreation is committed to creating spaces where children can play, rest, and engage with others while being protected from the sun’s harmful effects. We proudly carry a full line of outdoor shelters and top-quality shade structures manufactured by Superior Shade, as well as Burke ShadePlay Canopies to help keep your playground cool.

Playground Shade Structures Offered:

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