Sports and Fitness Equipment

Outdoor Sports and Fitness Equipment

With a complete line of commercial-quality outdoor sports equipment and BCI Burke’s HealthQuest Fitness Stations, we at Barrs Recreation are proud to be your source for all of your outdoor sports and fitness station needs. Our products offer the highest value on the market and our emphasis on customer service enables you to enjoy years of trouble-free fun at almost any level of budget.

Burke’s HealthQuest fitness stations are specifically equipped to provide you with the ultimate in exercise effectiveness while maintaining enjoyment through variety and novel fitness activities. Designed in collaboration with personal trainer and Olympic silver medalist Lynn Roethke, HealthQuest Fitness Stations include all of the tools and knowledge needed to create a custom total-body workout. Custom-designed signage instructs users on proper warm-up and cool-down methods as well as proper use of the exercise equipment. You can either purchase pre-designed clusters or custom sets to fit in any outdoor recreation space, meet any budgetary requirements, and serve any fitness needs.

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